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RCI Tank Cleaning Solutions, a division of RCI Energy Group, offers industrial tank cleaning contractors the option to supplement their existing equipment inventory with our rental equipment.

Our Industrial Tank Cleaning Equipment

We offer the Lombrico S and XXS remote-controlled tractor crawlers, capable of taking vacuum hoses into confined spaces. Applications for the Lombrico include:

  • Cleaning industrial tanks
  • Under live conveyors
  • Pipes and culverts
  • Mining operations
  • Dry and wet plant-cleaning operations
  • High-temperature or hazardous fume applications
  • High-risk areas that threaten employee health and safety

Each intrinsically safe, double-tracked Lombrico unit uses hydraulic power and operates up to 240 ft [73 m] from the attached vacuum truck. The standard configuration allows for a 6” [150 mm] vacuum hose, but we make other sizes available on request.

All units carry mounted cameras and can include many optional attachments, including various-shaped suction nozzles, water-blasting nozzles, augers and material-moving blades.

The unit can operate remotely from our climate-controlled operators trailer or be provided as a stand-alone unit to fit specific needs requiring a minimal footprint and simple reset, as your job site dictates.

Lombrico S/Lombrico XXS Specs

Weight 595 lbs./176 lbs.
Height 19.3”/13”
Length 65”/39”
Width 20”/16”
Standard suction hose fitting 6”/6”
Manway size needed for entry 24”/18”
Water pressure 40,000 PSI/5,000 PSI


Each Unit Includes:

  • One (1) 23’ power pack to control unit hydraulic control umbilical
  • Two (2) 82’ control units to ROV umbilical’s – unit can handle three (3) umbilical’s for up to 240’ reach
  • Unit-mounted CCTV cameras
  • One (1) Standard Nose Crown Nozzle
  • One (1) Sludge Suction Nozzle

RCI Tank Cleaning Solutions can provide on request other attachments such as – augers, push blades, demolition wheels, gravel nozzles, etc.

Other Industrial Tank Cleaning Equipment Available for Rent

  • Oil/water separators
  • Tank mixing nozzles
  • Manway cannons